2. Although all racialized systems are hierarchical, the particular character of the hierarchy, and thus the racial structure, is variable.… The racial practices and mechanisms that have kept Blacks subordinated changed from overt to eminently racist to covert and indirectly racist. The unchanging element throughout these stages is that Blacks’ life chances are significantly lower than those of Whites, and ultimately a racialized social order is distinguished by this difference in life chances.… The historical struggle against chattel slavery led not to the development of race-free societies but to the establishment of social system with a different kind of racialization. (Bonilla-Silva 1997)




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  10. Anonymous said: How bad does getting your nipples pierced hurt?

    as with most body mods, it really all depends on your own pain tolerance. everyone’s body is very different. there was some fist and teeth clenching and a few days of soreness for me. it wasn’t a walk in the park. if it’s something you really, really want then it’s definitely worth the pain, I think. I hope that helps?